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AzFRW was the first one in the door with a gift for 
Governor Elect Doug Ducey according to his staffers.....
Congratulations Governor Ducey!

                  Calling all Republican Women! 

2015 is going to be an amazing year for AzFRW as we host the biennial NFRW national convention in Phoenix.

Be sure to renew your dues early so you may be part of the fun and excitement as we welcome members from across the state to Arizona, and the Republican presidential candidates!

      A Letter of Support and Appreciation to our    Arizona REPUBLICAN Congressional Delegation
                                 Updated November 8th

We have listened as you spoke in your districts throughout the state over the past few weeks, on various media outlets and in the final blitz of campaign appearances.       As Republican Women, we value your outspoken, candid remarks and your strong defense of our military, our veterans and our nation. You are on the front line defending America for which we thank you. 

Special thanks must go out to Representative Matt Salmon for his  frequent public and on screen leadership demanding the freedom of Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi when the president and secretary of state shamefully would not lift a hand.   

Hurrah!  Andrew Tahmoressi was finally released and came home this week!  Welcome home Sgt!
Fabulous job Congressman Salmon! 

With the election results of this past Tuesday which sent a message loud and clear that Americans are fed up with Obama's policies, even the liberal media has seen the light and realize what we have long known. In the White House, we have a president who is out of his element, afraid and uncertain; who does not believe in the greatness of America; who has the shameful audacity to go golfing moments after meeting with the bereaved parents of a brutally murdered American; who has depleted and dishonored our military; who has made America vulnerable and weak while terrorism abounds; who will not close our borders to either the hoards entering illegally or to travelers from Ebola infected regions.   Even in the light of Tuesday's elections message, his single minded narcissism continues and is frankly, chilling and not in touch with reality.   

God bless America and the power of our freedom that allowed us as Americans, to use the power of the ballot box to send a message to the world.  Freedom isn't dead and neither is the United States of America.  

Thank you for your leadership, keep it up!  
We'll hope to see all of you next March in Washington D.C. for the NFRW Day at the Capitol!   

Mary Williams, President

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