The NFRW/AzFRW Americanism program seeks to promote respect for the American Flag and foster allegiance to the United States and its customs and institutions.

Republican women’s clubs help carry out this mission in their local communities through educational and inspirational programs and projects. Examples include:

Teaching the rules of Flag etiquette
Donating patriotic books to libraries and schools
Sponsoring patriotic essay contests for schools
Presenting flags to schools and community groups

To aid clubs in their local efforts, the NFRW Americanism Committee assembles historic and patriotic material and provides resources, project ideas and other helpful information. For more information visit

The NFRW/AzFRW has a long-standing commitment

to our men and women serving in uniform and to our

It is our honor and duty to support those who

have put their lives on the line to preserve the

freedoms we as Americans often take for granted.

We can never thank them or their families enough,

or show them too much gratitude for their service

and sacrifice.

The NFRW Armed Services Committee oversees the Federation’s efforts to support our troops and provides information, resources and program suggestions to states and clubs. Email for more information.

Arizona Federation of Republican Women

Established in 1924

The NFRW/AzFRW Caring for America program

was established to energize and

encourage states and clubs to actively support and

promote at least one existing community service program.

or to initiate a new project to fill

an existing need in the community.

The Caring for America program is based on the belief that problems can be solved most effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individual citizens.

The NFRW presents the Caring for America Awards every two years to recognize successful projects that demonstrate significant value to the community. This awards program is overseen by the NFRW Caring for America Committee

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Priscilla Poese, Chair

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